There are many walks round the Schull area.

Some examples are listed here:
1. Start at the Lookout and walk to Sixways cross roads in the direction of Schull . Turn right at the crossroads and continue straight to walk around the edge of Crewe Bay. Turn left at the next opportunity in the Direction of Colla and Schull. Continue for half a mile or so to a T junction . Turn left and continue on this road up and downhill with amazing views till you descend towards Schull village. At a T junction turn right downhill towards Schull graveyard. After 100 yards you come to the Colla Coast Road at the Graveyard. Take another scenic route home by turning right at the graveyard T junction and continuing west along the Colla Road for about 1.5 miles. You pass Colla Pier and curve round uphill to the right till you reach the T junction you previously saw. Turn left towards Crewe Bay, then turn right at the next T Junction as you reach Crewe Bay  Turn left at Sixways  after you walk around Crewe Bay, and retrace your steps 0.6 miles uphill to the Lookout. About 7 miles or 2 hours.

2. Park at the Graveyard on the Colla Road, 200 yds from the Village. Walk out the Colla Road past the pier and curve round uphill to the right. At the T junction turn right and continue on this hilly road with wonderful views till you descend towards Schull. After the guest house on the right you come to a T junction. Turn right downhill to find your car at the graveyard. 3.5 miles or 1 hour.

3. Park in Schull Car Park at the Playground. Cross the road and walk uphill on the road between the Church and the Harbour View Hotel. Continue round pass the reservoir until you come to a T junction. Turn right and continue till you reach the Schull-Ballydehob road at the Old Workhouse. Turn right and walk back into Schull past Coosheen Rocky Beach and the tennis courts (take care on this section as there is no footpath and the road can be busy). 2.5 miles or 45 minutes

4. Park in Schull Village and walk uphill on the road next to the Bank. After half a mile this curves left and eventually comes to the main Schull-Goleen Road at a crossroads. Cross this road carefully and continue on past the hurling pitch on left until you come to a T junction. Turn left and then right, still heading towards the sea. When you arrive at the graveyard turn left and retrace your step to Schull. 2.5 miles or 45 minutes.

5. From the Lookout exit the gate and turn left. Walk straight for about a mile with some absolutely stunning views of the sea towards the end of this road. You are then approaching the main Schull-Goleen Road. Turn around and retrace your steps home. 2 miles or 40 minutes.

6. From The Lookout turn left then immediate right at the top of the hill. Pass Leamcon tower and continue through one set off crossroads till you reach the Schull-Goleen Road at Lowertown Church. Turn left, walk 100 yards carefully along this road, then cross it and turn right. Walk  about 0.25 miles uphill and take a left. Continue on this road for 1-2 miles as it curves uphill and around to the right. Eventually head downhill to the east to rejoin the road near Drinagh Co-op. Turn right and head back to the Schull-Goleen Road and retrace your steps to Lowertown Church and home. Navigation a little more tricky. 4miles. 1 hour 15 mins.

7. BarleyCove Beach. Park at the beach car park and walk along the boardwalk across the pontoon to the beach. Walk the length of the beach towards the hotel on the cliff side then climb the path to hotel (stop for coffee or food if needed, beautiful views from verandah). Exit hotel and turn right from car park onto road. Walk 0.5 miles and turn right. Walk 0.5 miles and turn right across causeway to rejoin the car. 2 miles or 45 minutes.

8. Park at the BarleyCove Beach Car Park. Walk towards Crookhaven, ie East, passing the other BarleyCove beaches on right, left and then right. Do not turn left for Schull but continue to Crookhaven Village, the most Southerly Village in Ireland. Pub food available here if refreshments needed. Retrace your steps to car park. 4 miles or 1 hour 10 minutes.

Please see pages 16-19 of the Schull booklet (copy and paste the following link) for a map of some further walks around Schull, including the Old Butter Road to Ballydehob, a recently opened up walk.